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Looking Forward Necklace 
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If variety is the spice of life, then this combination will can only be the perfect taste.

Shades of purple elevated this necklace from “one of a kind” to an exclusive design with purpose. Royal, rich, and eternal promises fulfilled are just a few meanings for this color. Double strands measuring a total of 28-inches long feature a translucent wrapped seed beads and interwoven beads of glass pearls, multifaceted acrylics, and pearl barrel spacers. Suspended from the longer strand is a beautiful, hand made tassel complementing the shades of purple.

As one of our favorites, we encourage you to move beyond imagining this accessory in your collection and instead, imagine the void create without it.  

Product Details: Glass pearls, acrylic beads, glass seed beads, handmade tassel
Measurement: Matinee Length - 25 inches long, not including 3 inch tassel.  (#3548)