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The Cost of Class 
"Fashion is a moving target. Style, on the other hand, is always in style." 


What's in a name? 
Necklace lengths are varied and should always be considered prior to purchase. A few important factors include clothing necklines as well as body measurements. A deep V-neck might clash with a Rope Length chain whereas a turtle neck would be restricting if accessorized with a Collar or Choker length. Also, not all necks and d├ęcolletage are created equal. A simple strand can look great on one person and not so great on another. Finally, the most important factor to consider is personal preference. A slender neck might appear to be a perfect candidate for a Collar or Choker but would be a miserable piece for a person who prefers lest constriction. How should you decide the best length for you?

  • Consider the most common neckline in you wardrobe.
  • Decide whether the accessory is to be a bold statement piece or a simple glimpse.
  • Using a strand of yarn or similar material, drape various lengths around your neck until you      find the length that satisfies every factor mentioned.